The Islamic Regime in Iran came to power after the 1979 Revolution. At the time, the idea of ending a monarchy system in favor of an Islamic State appealed to the general public. But, ever since the theocratic clan seized power the Iranian people and others around the world have been regretting this hasty decision.

Right from the beginning, the Islamic Regime started violating human rights and oppressing the Iranians while also pursuing hostile policies against foreign countries. Examples of these include the seizer of the US Embassy in Tehran, mass imprisonment and execution of the Iranian oppositions, murdering the opposition members living overseas, the bombing of Jewish center in Argentina, shooting protesters on the streets during the 2009 election dispute and many others.

The Islamic Regime has had a long history of exercising hostile policies to promote its fanatic ideology around the world. Such actions have systematically interfered with world peace but the potential damage from such inference is rapidly growing as this regime pursues the path of obtaining nuclear weapons technology.

As a major opposition to the Islamic Regime, our aim is to see a progressive Iran where the Iranians establish a mutually-beneficial relationship with the international community and live in peace and harmony with the rest of the world. To achieve this objective, we have developed a plan, referred to as “National Uprising”, which can be viewed by clicking here.

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